memories through my tummy
remembering through the taste buds
shown at Future Fair, 2021 curated by Ronald Sosinsky of The Proposition​​​​​​​
Daddy peels ginger (2021)
 Mommy fries chicken in the kitchen, I wonder if it tastes like her mom’s? (2021)
If I eat grandmas soup will the chicken feet dance in my belly ​​​​​​​ (2021)
Daddy says they're called ackee  (2021)
Summer Treat At Grandmas House, I Wonder if There’s More In The Deep Freezer (2021)
When I'm sick daddy gives me this after I take my medicine, I threw my medicine down the sink (2021)
Treat (2021)
Grandma brings out a big watermelon to cut for us in the summer (2021)